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Imagine Language & Literacy

Grades PreK-6
Parents! Have you ever wondered if there’s any hope left in education? The last thing you and your kids need is to be held back from high-quality English language, arts, and reading education. Imagine Language & Literacy has more than 4,300 research-based activities to help your kids reach their potential. This is online language and literacy teaching and tutoring at its best! 

Price Per Student:

CAD $129.00 / year  OR

CAD $12.90 / month

Imagine Math PreK-2

We all know that math-time isn’t exactly “fun-time”. Want to turn those tears into a lifelong love for math?

Though it might seem unlikely, our Imagine Match PreK to 2 offers an inspiring environment where storybook learning is encouraged to get those creative minds counting. The program includes lovable and culturally relevant characters to stimulate student curiosity and attention to math!

Kids this age tend to disappear into their own fantasy worlds quite easily, which is why we allow them to place themselves into a virtual world similar to the real world, making that connection between math and daily life. It’s all about connotation, relatability, and keeping their attention on the subject matter through creativity.  

Price Per Student:

CAD $49.00 / year  OR

CAD $4.90 / month

Imagine Math 3+

Grades 3 to 8 – Algebra 1 and Geometry
With the current state of the world, you never know if your kids are getting efficient math instruction.

Why worry, though? Whether the kids are mathletes, or need a bit of support, Imagine Math 3+ has got them absolutely covered! Each lesson adapts its rigorous math instruction, which means your kids will get the personalized learning they need!

Watch as your kids gain an in-depth understanding of math concepts and build confidence so they can be ready for action by the time college and career opportunities come their way.  

Price Per Student:

CAD $69.00 / year  OR

CAD $6.90 / month

Imagine Math Facts

Grades 2-7
Kids heavily dislike maths due to one simple fact; it includes too much drudgery and too little fun! This program promotes fun in all corners of learning to encourage kids to master math fluency with math facts!

This Imagine Learning game-based software is a fun, effective way for kids to both learn and understand math facts. The goal of this program is to solve math fluency puzzles and build a critical pre-algebra foundation, while having tons of fun!

Price Per Student:

CAD $49.00 / year  OR

CAD $4.90 / month

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