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Imagine Language & Literacy

Grades PreK-6
Stop struggling to find quality English language arts and reading lessons for your kids! Imagine Language & Literacy frees you of that burden with 4,300+ research-based activities. 

Your kids will take an initial placement test that will put them on an individualized learning path.  They'll receive the exact instruction they need. Ongoing assessments will monitor their skill development and modify their learning path accordingly.

Price Per Student:

CAD $129.00 / year  OR

CAD $12.90 / month

Imagine Math PreK-2

Do you want to turn math-time into fun-time for your young kids?

Imagine Math PreK-2 inspires a lifelong love of math within a storybook learning environment. The lovable and culturally-relevant characters help stimulate student curiosity and interest in math. Students find themselves in a virtual world, much like their real-world, enabling them to connect mathematics to their daily lives. 
Price Per Student:

CAD $49.00 / year  OR

CAD $4.90 / month

Imagine Math 3+

Grades 3-8, Algebra 1, and Geometry
Worried about your kids aren't getting the math instruction they need?

Whether your kids are excelling or need a bit of support, we have them covered. Imagine Math adapts its rigorous math instruction, personalizing the learning for each student. Your kids will gain an in-depth understanding of math concepts, building confidence and ultimately​ leading them to college- and career-readiness.

Price Per Student:

CAD $69.00 / year  OR

CAD $6.90 / month 

Imagine Math Facts

Grades 2-7

Removing drudgery and introducing fun is a great and effective way to help kids master math fact math fluency! 

Imagine Math Facts’ game-based software offers kids an effective way to learn math facts intensely. Solve the math fluency puzzle and build a critical pre-algebra foundation.

Price Per Student:

CAD $49.00 / year  OR

CAD $4.90 / month

Imagine Reading

Grades 3-8

Your kids learning to read is one accomplishment you can celebrate.

Giving your kids critical thinking skills take reading to a whole new level.

Imagine Reading is a research-based, supplemental reading program that helps students become strong readers, critical thinkers, and confident communicators. Following a blended learning model, Imagine Reading includes tutor-led instruction, online student practice, facilitated group discussion, and group projects. 

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